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Giant Caramel Roll Fund-Raiser

The first funding phase for the Haiti School Project is to raise the funds needed to purchase the land in Haiti for the school. To accomplish this we are selling giant caramel rolls for just $7.50.

To make them easier for everyone to get, we are getting the help of some great retailers, who have agreed to make them available at their stores. So, you can now get them at any of the following locations.

Lucky 7
   26 W. 3rd Ave. N.

Lucky 7
   S. Main St.

Lucky 7
   1002 3rd Ave. NW

Lucky 7
   11 S. Hwy 53

Lucky 7
   620 E. Sheridan St.

Eveleth IGA
   602 Fayal Rd

Grand Rapids:
Lucky 7
   1211 U.S. 169

Lucky 7
   3917 1st Ave.

Lucky 7
   1501 E. Howard St.

Hoyt Lakes:
Lucky 7
   201 Kennedy Mem. Dr.

   3906 Hwy 7

Swan River:
Lucky 7
   6282 E. U.S. Hwy 2

Lucky 7
   832 16th St. N.

Lucky 7
   820 Hoover Rd. N.

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Project Updates In Brief
Haiti Trip #1
Haiti Trip #2

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Breaking The Cycle of Extreme Poverty and Hunger With Education, Job Skills and Hope!

< < < The Haiti Vocational School Project Kicks Into High Gear with a caramel roll fund raiser!

We are making the caramel rolls easier to get by bringing them closer to you. See the left side of this page for a list of locations where the Caramel Rolls can be purchased.

Your help is needed! Get involved! Spread the word and help make this fund raiser a success.

Buy a Giant Caramel Roll...

They are great for meetings, great in lunch buckets or any time as a snack with coffee or milk. Most of our Caramel Rolls weigh over a pound. They also freeze well and can easily serve 6 people.

You know they are good because they are specially baked for us by Sunrise Bakery of Hibbing!

Trip #2 Completed Successfully
We're back in Minnesota. The trip was a success and we accomplished almost everything we planned, which is fantastic.

One of the things that I learned this trip is that if we are going to be in Haiti helping for the long haul we need to address several issues like security, living accommodations for volunteers and students and the climate. This can only be accomplished by building a our own small school facility.

In the future we will add a link to an area called building the new permanent school where we can provide information updates to those that are interested in our efforts. I believe that we should be able to educate about over 180 students per year with the new school. Continuing to teach basic electricity while adding entry level residential electric wiring to the course.

For more information on trip #2 please visit the Haiti Trip #2 page.

(photo) - The first day of class. Classroom was to hot, so class was held outside in the shade of a large mango tree.

Our Partner In Haiti, Pastor St. Luc Noel:
Pastor St. Luc Noel is founder of the Evangelical Bible Baptist Church in Haiti. His ministry consists of 11 churches and 6 schools for grades 1-3 serving about 1000 children.

Even though he is busy with his ministry and schools he still finds the time to be a strong supporter of this project. He is our go to for anything that we need to find in Haiti. With his help, I believe that we could find almost anything over there.

We sincerely appreciate all of the time and help he provides to NACEC and this project.

A Special Thanks:
To our Board Members, Volunteers and Sponsors who continue to help with all of the planning, fund raising and many other tasks. If your not currently a volunteer or sponsor and you too would like to help, simply contact me and we'll get you involved. As you can imagine, there is much to be done and the help of dedicated volunteers, sponsors, specialists, consultants and engineers are always needed and welcomed.

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