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Haiti Trip #1
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P.O. Box 174
Aurora MN 55705 USA

Phone: 218.305.4100

Planning has already begun on a new permanent school that will give us the ability to teach over 40 students in a controlled secure environment where we can make sure the school's equipment and other resources will remain in the school for long term use. A school where students will pay for their schooling by providing community service and helping to keep the school up and running. A school where they can learn hands on things like residential wiring, and basic electrical skills and practice those skills by helping to wire several homes as both a school lab and a community service. The rural is just now getting electricity so most rural homes have never been wires. Not sure how the selection process would work, but I have something in mind that would give priority to those homes that have one or more persons with disabilities or the elderly living in them.

If you would like to get involved please get in touch with me via the contact page and I will call you.

The Haiti Vocational School Project Kicks Into High Gear with a fund raiser!

The first funding phase for the Haiti School Project is to raise the $10,000 needed to purchase the land in Haiti on which to build the school.

We are starting with a caramel roll fund raiser. The giant caramel rolls over a pound each, are great for meetings, great in lunch buckets or any time as a snack with coffee or milk. They also freeze well and can easily serve 6 people. They are specially baked for us by Sunrise Bakery of Hibbing!

Usually, you need to pre-order the caramel rolls from us and we make arrangements to get them to you. However from now until September 17th you can also get them from any of the great retailers listed below for just $7.50 each.

Because this is a fund raiser, after September 17th the price will be going back to $10 each. They will only be available by pre-ordering them directly from our organizations office or from one of our volunteers.

Lucky 7 -    26 W. 3rd Ave. N.
Lucky 7 -    1002 3rd Ave. NW
Crossroads -    3906 Hwy 7

Get involved! Spread the word!

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Local Volunteers Needed:
As you can imagine, there is much to be done and the help of dedicated volunteers, specialists, consultants and engineers are always needed and welcomed.

Right now we have an immediate need for volunteer help here on Minnesota Iron Range. We are looking for a volunteer with office experience to help compose and type letters as well as help with correspondence. We are also looking for several volunteers that are willing to help with the current caramel roll fund raiser.

If you are interested in volunteering, please call Edward Addy at 218-305-4100.

Trip #2 Completed Successfully
We're back in Minnesota. The trip was a success and we accomplished almost everything we planned, which is fantastic.

One of the things that I learned this trip is that if we are going to be in Haiti helping for the long haul we need to address several issues like security, living accommodations for volunteers and students and the climate. This can only be accomplished by building a our own small school facility.

In the future we will add a link to an area called building the new permanent school where we can provide information updates to those that are interested in our efforts. I believe that we should be able to educate about over 180 students per year with the new school. Continuing to teach basic electricity while adding entry level residential electric wiring to the course.

For more information on trip #2 please visit the Haiti Trip #2 page.

(photo) - The first day of class. Classroom was to hot, so class was held outside in the shade of a large mango tree.

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