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Aurora MN 55705

Phone: 218.305.4100

The Desert Voices Project - (1990-1991)

Servey work
Delmar Survey Company work to determine exact
antenna alignment for the Gulf and antenna pole

Installing cable mounting hardware
Northern States Power Company (NSP) crew
drilling one of eight 105-foot poles for the antenna
cable mounting hardware.

Remove rock from hole
NSP crew working to remove a large rock from
the hole for the first pole.

Conductor anchers on pole
Heavy duty hardware needed to hold up nearly
a mile of wire that made up each antenna.

Worker on pole
A member of the NSP crew is climbing up the
105-foot pole to install antenna conductors.

Looking up end pole
Looking up one of the finished antennas end poles
with its open wire feedlines and stand-off insulators.

Transmission line
Hundreds of feet of high-power RF transmission line
(Hard-line) being unloaded to tie the large antennas
with the communications center's radio stations.

File cabinets in front of center
Here dozens of file cabinets are waiting to be loaded
into the communications center to hold the paper work
generated by the project.

130-Foot tower being built
130-foot tower under construction for digital
communications with U.S. Army on the East Coast.
The finished tower
Here is the finished 130-foot tower with antennas
in place.

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