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P.O. Box 174
Aurora MN 55705

Phone: 218.305.4100

2016 & 2017 were wonderful years with much hard work done in Haiti.

In 2018 our first and longest mission 18.1, is scheduled to start February 19th and run through March 20th.

Image of Pastor St. Luc's home showing the condition of his present metal roof, ripped by years of hurricane winds.

    What Else Can We Accomplish, Together, In 2018!

If I can get Internet access this time out at the compound, when we get the mission in Haiti started around February 20th, I will try to update this "18.1 Mission Update Page" with photos and more information as often as I can.

With mission 18.1 we hope to;

  • Pastor St. Luc believes that this is the best time to replace his roof, because they are still in the dry season. So we will be helping with that.

  • Wire one of the last 2 building in the compound that need electricity.

  • Help add a cement/re-bar band on the top of all of the block walls in pastor St. Luc's house to make it more earthquake resistant.

  • Repair or replace the electrical in Pastor St. Luc's house after the roof and trusses have been replaced.

  • Add an elevated water tank to increase the water pressure so the inside bathroom shower, we recently added, will finally start working.

  • Check over and do any needed electrical maintenance or wiring on any of Pastor St. Luc's 11 churches or 6 schools.

  • Take another look at the possibility of building a smaller version of the basic electricity and electrical wiring vocational training school, either next to the clinic on the compound or just outside the compound.

  • They have also planted a garden of banana trees which are helping provide food for his family and others. The cows, horses and other animals are eating the trees and other plants in the garden. We will be adding an electric fence to protect the garden.

  • Because the mission will be lasting 30 days, our longest mission yet, we believe there is much more that we will be able to accomplish.

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