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P.O. Box 174
Aurora MN 55705

Phone: 218.305.4100

Your Gift Can Make All The Difference

Children lined up to get safe drinking water next
to the dental clinic.

We have just finished our first mission of the year 2016, #16.1, to Haiti, where we checked the French translation of an on-line basic electricity course we are putting together for use in developing countries. This is part of our Distant Learning Program.

We also provided water and electricity to a dental clinic, by running them underground for about 450 feet. We did much more, but those were the main things. Please review the After Action Report for Mission 16.1 for more information.

We are working on our mission #16.2, the second one for this year. We will be using this time to raise the necessary funds to make this mission possible. Our plan is to launch this mission in the fall or winter of 2016, when the temperature in Haiti is a bit cooler.

Mission 16.2 will add electrical wiring to 2 or 3 churches, allowing them to have electric lights and electric fans to help keep their congregation, especially the elderly, a bit cooler. Some will have walked for several miles to attend church.

We will also be repairing the electrical in an additional church and a school that are part of the 12 churches and 6 schools in Pastor St. Luc's ministry.

We need to install 5 or 6 high voltage power poles and a 15KVA pole mounted transformer, to provide Pastor St. Luc and the Dental Clinic with reliable power and the ability to have 220 VAC should they need it for possible future equipment like an X-ray machine.

We are also planning to extend water availability about 4,000 feet into the country side so people will have safe drinking water, and will not need to carry it for such a long distance. Right now many families living in the rural have to carry water for over a mile and usually get their water from springs or ponds where the water may be unsafe to drink, if there is even water to be had.

We have an opportunity to be of service and are looking forward to help make some lives a bit better in the poor rural mountainous area of Haiti known as the Central Plato. As you can see mission #16.2 is going to keep us busy for a while. We need your continued help and support to keep being of service.

Your tax deductible gift can be mailed to NACEC - P.O. Box 174 - Aurora MN 55705, or you may provide your gift by credit card using the form below.

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