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P.O. Box 174
Aurora MN 55705

Phone: 218.305.4100

Your Gift Can Make All The Difference

High Voltage Primary power being added
to serve the dental clinic and compound.

In the past working together we have brought electricity to Pastor St. Luc's dental clinic compound. Together we have made safe drinking water available to the compound and clinic. We have wired the church in La Bastille and the church in the major town just north of there called Mirebalais. Now they can use the churches during the day but also in the evenings as well. This greatly extends the use of the church. It also makes it possible to use microphones and electric musical instruments. To see some of our past mission accomplishments please visit our Missions page.

Mission 19-1 scheduled to start on October 23rd 2019. This mission is to wire a church about an hour to the west of La Bastille in the town of Atibonit. Then to do maintenance and repair of the systems we installed in the past. If time permits see if we can expand the safe drinking water system a bit more in the La Bastille to serve those living near the dental clinic compound.

With the changes in the locations where we can purchase supplies in the nations capital Port-au-Prince we no longer need to ship over all of our materials to complete a mission. Now we can go to Port-au-Prince, about 1 1/2 hours from La Bastille, and get most of the materials we need. No shipping costs make missions much more economical.

I expect that this mission will cost about $1500 to $2500 US to complete. So we once again turn to our supporters and sponsors to come forward and help fund this mission.

Please act now, to provide your financial support, as this mission's departure date is almost upon us.

Your tax deductible gift can be mailed to NACEC - P.O. Box 174 - Aurora MN 55705, or you may provide your gift by credit card using the form below.

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